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Student Services Department


 Mission Statement

We, as Christian educators, believe that God has created each child as special and unique individuals; therefore, we recognize these differences and strive to teach toward his/her unique learning style. Our objective for Christ Classical's Student Services Department (SSD) is to offer academic assistance and support to students with learning differences and provide motivation for the reluctant learner. We also serve students with mild, moderate, and significant disabilities (see our Exception Student page).

Academic Assistance and Support Programs and Fees                                                                                      

Alternative Learning Program

Students needing an intensive level of academic support can participate in ALP after meeting appropriate criteria for admission. This daytime pull-out program provides an alternative learning environment with a modified curriculum. This program will receive individualized attention in a one-on-one or small group instruction setting. Progress and goals will be determined by following an ALP Objectives Plan. An Orton-Gillingham approach is used to teach children who struggle with reading more fluently, which improves comprehension. 

Subject areas currently offered through ALP are Reading/Language Arts, Math and/or Study Skills.


•180 minutes per week
•Resource Room
•Modification Accommodation Plan (MAP)
•Cost: $320.50/month for 10 months – 1 subject
•Cost: $560.50/month for 10 months – 2 subjects

Use of the Resource Room

This service is for a student who has a Modification/Accommodation Plan and requires one-on-one academic supervision and/or assistance outside the mainstream classroom.


•Resource Room
•Testing Assistance (extended test time/oral testing)
•Individualized Academic Support (outside the classroom)
•Modification Accommodation Plan
•Cost: $632.50/year (Paid at time of contract)

Modification Accommodation Plan

This individualized plan is developed based on the student's specific needs in the primary classroom and is implemented throughout the school year with the support and assistance of the Student Services Department.

Cost: $100.00/year (Paid at time of contract)


Modification Accommodation Plan for the mainstream classroom

Tutoring After School

This is a tutoring program after-school for any student needing additional academic
support. Qualified tutors provide tutoring.

Cost: $45.00/hour

For more information on this program, please email Ms. Calisi. 

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