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Giving - Beyond Tuition

Did you know that tuition alone does not cover the entire cost of educating a child at Back Creek? We charge less tuition than our programs cost, so annual giving supplements our day-to-day classroom expenses. Strong Heritage Fund participation helps minimize tuition increases. Like most independent schools, Back Creek counts on the voluntary support from parents and other members of the school community to bridge the gap between tuition revenue and annual operating expenses. The Heritage Fund is an essential tool in helping to balance the budget every year. Every gift, whether large or small, makes a difference.

We at Back Creek Christian, ask you to become members of our Heritage Society by making a Heritage Fund gift at one of the Heritage Society levels that start at $1,000. We understand that may not be possible for all families, and we hope that you will support the Heritage Fund at a level that is right for you. We do ask that 100% of our current families support the Heritage Fund.

Back Creek also asks families to support our Capital Campaign. For more information on our Captial Campaign and what it will mean for your student visit our Capital Campaign Webpage.

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