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 Christ Classical Academy offers a unique classical education to a diverse student body. Following the Trivium Model, students progress through Grammar (knowledge), Logic (understanding) and Rhetoric (wisdom) stages of classical education. A skilled group of educators merge best practice models and technology with classical pedagogy to create a rich learning environment where all children can succeed.

Lower School

The integration of faith and learning occurs as children study literature, history, mathematics, art, the sciences, music, and technology. Rich content is used to foster critical thinking, creativity, study skills, organization, and character development.

Middle school

Learning is expanded as students increase their understanding of by questioning, testing and applying the knowledge gained in lower school.  Service opportunities, retreats, and chapels offer opportunities for students to convert Biblical principles into life practice. 

Upper school

Socratic dialogue, expanded service opportunities and dedicated college counseling prepare students to embrace their culture as intelligent followers of Christ. Upper school teachers challenge students to be writers and thinkers equipped to engage others with wisdom, eloquence, and grace.



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