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Dr.Janet K.Ballard Back Creek Christian Academy Private School classical Charlotte

Dr. Janet K. Ballard, Head of School

I believe that teaching and learning are sacred acts. Parker Palmer refers to school as a place where the “circle of seekers is held together by the power of the grace of great things” or the subjects. Palmer also believes that the act of learning is mediated by the very presence of God. Christian, classical schooling embraces the power of the subjects as a means for unfolding truth, wonder, and knowledge in the classroom. When teachers and students are drawn into fellowship, through the learning process and the content of the subjects, amazing things happen—relationships are formed, community is born, truths are discovered, and children are honored.

At Christ Classical Christian Academy of Charlotte, teaching and learning are regarded as both communal and sacred. Reading, math, art, science, and writing are a means for growing in our knowledge and understanding of ourselves, the natural world, and the God that created them.  This understanding, in turn, calls us to a higher level of expectation for the process of learning, the content of the subjects, and the learners. It calls us to be more than we are capable of being on our own, reminding us of why and for whom we exist.  It is a call for teachers and pupils to think critically, work diligently, argue persuasively, live humbly, and serve unselfishly. These are the attributes that CCAC is committed to demonstrate as teachers and cultivate in our students—students who display and defend truth with grace.

The school board, administration, and teachers of Christ Classical Christian Academy take our commitment to you and your children seriously. We know that the opportunity to teach your children is an opportunity to impact the world for Christ. It is our intention to honor your sacrifice and commitment to do the same. We trust in His provision for your family.

God Bless You,

Dr. Janet K Ballard
Head of School

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